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Restaurant Payroll


Less cost, more time with your patrons

You’re in the business of making people happy, satisfied and coming back for more. Leave your restaurant payroll to the payroll experts. From wages and tip calculations and understanding your FICA tip credit, Card Z3N makes it easy. Focus on your customers while we handle payroll tax payments and reduce your administration time, saving you from potentially costly mistakes.

With our restaurant payroll service you get:

  • Minimum Wage Alerts: we can notify you when employee wages and/or tips do not reach the minimum wage requirements, providing you with helpful tips-to-minimum verification to help you stay compliant.

  • FICA Tip Credit Report: calculates and tracks just how much you are entitled to claim on your annual business taxes for this credit, potentially leading to substantial tax savings.

  • Tip Sign-Off Report: provides written proof of employees' tips received and declared, which can help keep you in compliance with government regulations.

Doing It Yourself

  • Spend hours on payroll calculations and tips-to-minimum verification.

  • Keep up with changing tax regulations.

  • Fill out multiple IRS and state forms and file all federal, state and local payroll taxes without missing a deadline.


Using Card Z3N

  • Easy-to-setup payroll for multiple pay rates and earning types.

  • Enter, preview and approval payroll online, anywhere and anytime.

With Card Z3N, you won’t have to spend time keeping up with IRS regulations. Plus, you’ll get a signature-ready Form 8846 for you to submit to help ensure you receive the appropriate FICA tip credit.


With Card Z3N you can:

  • Save time - Say goodbye to complicated calculations. Run your restaurant’s payroll in 2 minutes or less while we automatically file and pay your restaurant payroll taxes.

  • Save money - Card Z3N Minimum Wage Alerts can help you avoid fines.