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Card Z3N's Pre-Employment Screening is here to help you make better hiring decisions with:

  • Background Checks — Keep your workplace safe

  • Drug Screening — Ensure you promote a drug-free work environment with results online in 48 hours

  • Behavioral Assessments — See how well a candidate will fit the job before extending an employment offer

  • Skills Testing — Gauge a candidate's true skill levels in a variety of applications

  • Personal Development Inventories — Help current employees improve with objective feedback

​​These services are available online as you need them — no contracts or lengthy commitment required. And you'll never have to call a representative for ordering or scheduling. You call the shots!

Ready to make better hiring decisions today? Get started now.

Background Checks

Use an Online Background Check to easily:

  • Take a simple, affordable step to keep your workplace safe

  • Verify current and prior addresses, birth dates and aliases

  • Check county and state criminal databases for felonies and misdemeanors within approved legal limits.

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Drug Screening

Cut out the expensive middleman with affordable Drug Screening that:

  • Allows you to select a convenient drop location

  • Includes a chain of custody and Medical Review Officer evaluation

  • Posts results online within 48 hours

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Behavioral Assessments

Determine which candidate will be the best fit as you:

  • Find the best candidate based on responses to behavior-based questions

  • Reveal a candidate's attitudes, self-motivation and maturity level

  • Review a thorough report of a candidate's complete range of characteristics

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Skills Testing

Rely on a Skills Test to:

  • Ensure a candidate meets basic English, math and computer requirements

  • Assess administrative skills in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more

  • Verify highly specialized skill levels such as Web development, C++, Java and more

​​> Order a Skills Test

Personal Development

Keep current employees growing and motivated with Personal Development Inventories that:

  • Provide professional growth guidelines for your employees' success

  • Identify your employees' strengths and growth areas that are key success factors

  • Produce objective employee assessments to reference during performance reviews

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