What is a Merchant Service Account?

A merchant account is a type of bank account that allows businesses to accept payments in multiple ways, typically debit card, credit cards and ACH (Electronic Checks).

There are two main types of merchant accounts:

1) Aggregated Merchant Account

2) Direct Merchant Account

Aggregated Merchant Account

An aggregate merchant account is one that combines several companies. For this account, every retailer will still need to offer some info about your company but being part of an aggregate merchant account is much less complicated. PayPal, Stripe, Square are examples of aggregated merchant accounts to their customers. There are several disadvantage to aggregate merchant accounts. One of the most common is a fixed or flat rate, which can be much higher. Speak to one of Card Z3N representatives for more details.

Direct Merchant Account

This is an account that the account provider has exclusively established for the merchant. A “Dedicated” merchant account is more or less like your own internet-based bank account set up purposely for your business. A dedicated merchant account, a retailer can discuss custom rates for their firm. The rates usually depend on how much in sales volume you and the type of products you sell.

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