Aerospace Merchant Services


Aerospace Merchant Services

Save up to 40%

The Premier Payment Provider for the Aerospace & Defense Industry

Our team has an extensive background in Finance, Aerospace and Defense Industry.  We used our knowledge and experience to develop the leading, best in class payment processing service used by OEMs, Manufacturers, Distributors, & Repair Stations.  Our Business to Business (B2B) solution provides up to a 40%* saving in fees from traditional payment processing.  Most companies in the industry are setup with retail or tiered pricing.  On these pricing programs you will always pay the highest rates.  By switching to AerospacePay you will enjoy the lowest rates possible.

Our Programs works for all the following:

  • B2B Payments (Business to Business)

  • B2G Payments (Business to Government)

  • High Dollar Ticket Transactions

  • Government Contractors (IMPAC & GSA)​

  1. Point of Sale Transactional Data (PoST)

  2. Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) 

Why do the major card brands give discounts?

By providing additional information, it reduces fraud and provides better insight though reporting and analytics to the purchasing organization and issuing banks.

Why AerospacePay?

Our team has a quarter century of combined experience in the Aerospace & Defense Industry combined with over 20 years of Finance and Investment Banking experience.  We know and have experienced the same issues and as a result started AerospacePay.

*Amex Requires Separate Approval & Discounts Direct from Amex. Savings are based on worst to best possible rates. Results may vary.